As 2022 unfolds, we at Liberty Title are committed to helping you get where you’re going, every…step…of…the…way. All great companies are Mission Driven, and our corporate ethos is to make the home buying and selling process “Easier, More Efficient, with Excellent Customer Service.”

For me, as I look forward, this is an exciting time for the Treasure Coast as the area continues to boom with new businesses and transplants arriving from all over the country. From a bottom’s up perspective, there is a massive opportunity to deploy new technology and services into the real estate industry which has long been deserving of a better way. After working in finance for 20 years in Manhattan, I have had the privilege of stepping into the role of President of Liberty Title Company of America eight months ago. After a comprehensive transition period, I can say it is an honor to lead the Team at Liberty, a company that for over 17 years has been an important player in the development of Port St. Lucie and beyond. I can’t pretend that it wasn’t challenging moving my family down from the North East during these unprecedented times, but as they say, “the path less traveled will make all the difference.”

I am dedicated to modernizing your Customer Experience without losing sight of what’s served us so well in the past…having the best, most experienced Independent Title Team on the Treasure Coast. Our local home-grown team is deeply schooled in solving complicated Title issues and making sure both our residential and commercial customers can rest assured their hard-earned money is secure in their real property transfer. Our Team is like family at Liberty and my job is to extend this teamwork and camaraderie to our loyal realtor community to continue to help you build your franchises.

  • 2022 is an exciting year for our team as Phyllis Rinelli celebrates her 10-year anniversary with Liberty. With this decade-long tenure at our company and being one of the best Escrow Officers in the area, there was no more deserving person to be elevated to the important role of Operations Manager, a promotion that Phyllis accepted at the turn of the New Year. Please join me in congratulating Phyllis, someone that for over 30 years has been a disproportionate contributor to the real estate industry in PSL.

  • Beverly Newton is zooming past 15 years with Liberty, and we think one of our differentiating factors is Bev’s dedicated role as Treasurer and insuring real-time payments of escrow, payoffs, and buyer and seller proceeds. What is more important than getting paid as soon as possible?

  • We are fairly certain that we have the best Investor/Wholesale services in Southern Florida and for years have been the destination from all over the State for title services for both commercial and residential investment properties. Simultaneous closings, assignments, and probated properties are very complex deliveries, and our dedicated Investor Escrow Officer and Processing group can turn transactions around, in some instances, in a matter of days.

  • Our Commercial pipeline has been growing as a natural extension of our decades of experience in the residential patch. Be on the lookout for some impressive new Commercial wins that we have closed even in the very early tally of 2022.

Again, I want to thank you for entrusting and choosing Liberty Title Company of America for all these years. Like any good story, there is always a new chapter, and I am excited to be an extension of your business, a trusted partner, and to run the best gosh dang company on the Treasure Coast!

To Closing Days, Improved Technology; and New Vigor and Passion in the Title business. Thank you for welcoming me.

Warm wishes,

Jonathan Casteleyn, CFA, M.S.

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