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Liberty Title offers an extensive list of services for all of your real estate closing needs. Please click on the boxes below to learn about the services that are appropriate for you.

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Consumer Title Services for

Buyers & Sellers

Liberty works with leading, local Realtors to extend their service proposition to the Closing table. With our leading technology infrastructure and experienced staff, transacting in real estate has never been easier.

Commercial Title Services for


Liberty represents Developers and Institutions in the acquisition and disposition of their real estate portfolios. From Multi-Tenant Retail to Homebuilder lots and aftermarket new construction, Liberty has the expertise in providing Title insurance in the more complex, Commercial landscape.

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Wholesale Title Services for


The Investor/Wholesale community is highly active in Florida and Liberty has a dedicated team that focuses exclusively on this specialized arena. From Assignments to Simultaneous Closings, this strategy demands an experienced team to navigate both the complexity and the timeliness needed to assist a successful Investor driven strategy.

Frequently asked questions

A title company issues title insurance and verifies property ownership. They often manage escrow accounts to ensure proper fund distribution at closing.

Title insurance safeguards against disputes over property ownership. It’s available in two forms: owner’s and lender’s title insurance, protecting against legal claims and disputes.

Title companies conduct searches to trace property history and ownership changes. They report any issues that might affect the closing process and provide a title opinion letter.

Title searches can reveal liens, unpaid taxes, legal judgments, open mortgages, and other legal issues that could affect property ownership.

Title insurance is usually required by mortgage lenders and is advisable even for cash purchases to protect against title disputes.

Costs vary based on transaction size and state regulations influence the price.

The title company handles documentation, explains closing details, manages closing costs, and ensures proper fund distribution. They also act as escrow agents, handling payments for taxes, insurance, and recording the transaction.

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